Ahtapotun Bahçesi 26.05.2008

  1. Monks- "Monk Time" / Demo Tapes'1965
  2. Monks- "Love Came Tumbling Down" / Demo Tapes'1965
  3. Jason Forrest- "Monk Hop" / Silver Monk Time: A Tribute to the Monks'2007. Play Loud!
  4. Silver Apples- "Love Fingers" / Silver Apples'1968. Kapp Rec.
  5. Faust- "The Lurcher"/ Faust IV'1973. EMI
  6. Suicide-"Johhny"/Suicide'1977. Red Star Rec.
  7. Stereolab-"Super Electric" / Peel Sessions'1991. Too Pure
  8. Barry Adamson-"Girl"/As Above so Belove'1998. Mute Rec.
  9. Kraftwerk- "Schaufensterpuppen" / Trans Europa Express'1977. EMI
  10. Kreidler- "Il Sogna Di Una Cosa" / Appearance and the Park'1998. Mute
  11. Moonshake- "Just A Working Girl" / The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow'1994. Too Pure
  12. Can-"Moonshake" / Future Days'1973. Mute Rec.