Ahtapotun Bahçesi 28.12.2009

Vic Chesnutt
  1. Coward'2009
  2. Debriefing'2007
  3. Miss Mary'1991
  4. Free Of Hope'1995
  5. Betty Lonely'1995
  6. Supernatural'1993
  7. Distortion'2001
  8. Flirted with You All My Life'2009
  9. Sewing Machine'2009


2009'un albümleri, geçtiğimiz senelerde olduğu gibi, sağda aşağıya doğru akıp gidiyor. Ele gelenlerin sayısı bu sene de 100'ün altına düşmedi ki şimdilik. Yıl sonuna kadar ne olur bilinmez. Fakat sayfada bir garabet var, bu sene. Bir sormaca kolonu ilave ettim. Neden? Çünkü en iyi 10,15 albümü ortaya atmak kolay ama bunları boy sırasına dizmeye kalkmak içinden çıkılır gibi değil. Sonuçta milyonlarcasının içinde bu da Ahtapotun Bahçesi'nin listesi olsun diyelim, varsın gitsin. Bu ne biçim seçenek yığını, ne dinledim, ne dinlerim diyenler de buyrun e-posta yoluna. Hem liste kabarsın hem de Açık Radyo Ahtapotun Bahçesi playlisti şenlensin, çoğalsın. Hatta en alter-latif 10'luk listeyi yapın, birlikte çalalım.

AhtapotunBahçesi 21.12.2009

  1. Nirvana-"All Apologies"/ Live At Reading'2009
  2. A Place To Burry Strangers-"Ego Death" / Exploding Head'2009
  3. The Flaming Lips-"Convinced of The Hex" / Embryonic'2009
  4. John Frusciante-"Before The Beginning" / The Empyrean'2009
  5. The Durutti Column- "The Secret Between The Blade And Me"/Love In The Tıme Of Decession'2009
  6. Bill Callahan-"The Wind And The Dove/ Sometimes I Wish We Were In Eagle'2009
  7. Vic Chesnutt-"Chineberry Tree" / At The Cut'2009
  8. Vic Chesnutt- "Feast In The Time Of Plague" / Skitter On Take Off'2009
  9. David Sylvian-"Random Acts of Senseless Violence" /Manafon'2009
  10. Mulatu Astatke and His Ethopian Quintet-"Mascaram Setaba"/ Afro-Latin Soul'1966

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 14.12.2009

  1. Insex-"Inner Sanction"/ inner sanction 7 " 1979
  2. Ian Dury-"Books And Water"
  3. Flaming Lips-"Evil" / Embryonic'2009
  4. Flaming Lips-"Pompeii Am Götterdammerung" / At War with the Mystics'2006
  5. Pink Floyd- "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"/A Saucerful of Secrets'1968
  6. Kevin Ayers + Syd Barret-"Religiues Experience (Singing A Song in The Morning)" / Live in 1969
  7. Kevin Ayers -"Town Feeling" / Joy Of A Toy'1969
  8. Bert Jansch- "Strolling Down the Highway" / Bert Jansch'1965
  9. Nick Drake-"Strolling Down the Highway" /Family Tree'2007
  10. Arthur Russell-"Nobody Want A Lonely Heart"/ Love Is Overtaking Me'2008 (1974,1990)
  11. Vic Chesnutt-"Dimples"/ Skitter on Take-Off '2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 07.12.2009

  1. Black Heart Procession-"Suicide"/ Six'2009
  2. West Coast Modern day Punk Rock Orchestra-"See What I Need"/ Correspondence'2009
  3. Black Heart Procession-"Rats"/ Six'2009
  4. The Low Frequency In Stereo- "Twinpike" / The Low Frequency In Stereo'2009
  5. Flaming Lips-"See The Leaves" / Embryonic'2009
  6. And So I Watch You From Afar- "A Little Bit Of Solitary Goes A Long"/And So I Watch You From Afar'2009
  7. Morphine-"I'm Free Now" / Live in Bethlehem (26-4-98)
  8. Zu-"Beata Viscera" / Futuro'2009
  9. The Low Frequency In Stereo- "Solor System" / The Low Frequency In Stereo'2009
  10. Psychic TV -"Candy Says" /Live In Berlin II'1989
  11. Black Heart Procession-"Wasteland"/ Six'2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 23.11.2009

  1. June Of 44-"Lifted Bells"/ Four Great Points'1998
  2. Nina Nastasia/Jim White-"I've Been out Walking"/ You Follow Me'2007
  3. Tara Jane O'Neil - "A Sparrow Song" / In Circles'2006
  4. Thurston Moore- "Silver>Blue" / Trees Outside the Academy'2007
  5. Espers-"The Road Of Golden Dust" / III'2009
  6. Sibyle Baier- "I Lost Something In The Hills"/Color Green'2006
  7. Bonnie Prince Billy/DAAU/Christine Ott -"Ostia" / This Immortal Coil'2009
  8. Vic Chesnutt-"It Is What It Is" / At The Cut'2009
  9. Mark Hollis-"Inside Looking Out/ Mark Hollis'1998
  10. Davis Slyvian -"The Rabbit Skinner" /Manafon'2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 16.11.2009

  1. Nirvana-"D-7"/ The Reading Fest. 30.08.1992-Live'2009
  2. Built To Spill-"I Would Hurt A Fly"/ Perfect From Now On'1997
  3. Built To Spill-"Things Fall"/ There Is No Enemy'2009
  4. Television- "Prove It" / Marquee Moon'1977
  5. Quasi- "White Devil's Dream" / Hot Shit!'2003
  6. Black Mountain-"Set Is Free"/Black Mountain'2005
  7. Neil Young- "Broken Arrow"/Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968'2008
  8. Bill Fay-"Inside The Keepers Pantry"/Time Of The Last Persecution'1970
  9. Elliot Smith-"Waltz #2" / XO'1998
  10. Espers-"That Which Darkly Thrives" / III'2009
  11. Om-"Cremation Ghat II / God Is Good'2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 09.11.2009

  1. Russian Circles-"Geneva"/ Geneva'2009
  2. Caspian-"La Cerva"/ Tertia'2009
  3. Isis-"Stone To Wake A Serpent"/ Wavering Radiant'2009
  4. Om- "Meditation is The Practice of Death" / God Is Good'2009
  5. Rome- "The Accidents Of Gesture" / Flowers From Exile'2009
  6. Rome- "The Secret Sons Of Europa" / Flowers From Exile'2009
  7. Morphine-"Yes" [3.8.1994-Cleveland] /At The Service'2009
  8. Morphine-"I Had My Chance" [7.18.1998-Vegas] /At The Service'2009
  9. Cure-"The Hanging Garden" / Pornography'1982
  10. The Beatles- "The End"/Abbey Road'1969

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 02.11.2009

  1. Wild Beasts-"When I'm Sleepy"/ Two Dancers'2009
  2. Piano Magic-"On Edge"/ Ovations'2009
  3. And So I Watch You From Afar-"I Capture Castles"/ And So I Watch You From Afar'2009
  4. Atlas Sound- "My Halo" / Logos'2009
  5. Deerhunter- "Circulation" / Rainwater Cassette Exchange'2009 / EP
  6. Polvo-"D.C. Trails"/In Prism'2009
  7. The Beatles- "I Want You (She's So Happy)"/Abbey Road'1969
  8. Peter Hammill-"Ghost Of Planes"/Thin Air'2009
  9. Evangelista-"I Lay There In Front Of Me Covered In Ice" / Prince Of Truth'2009
  10. Vic Chesnutt-"We Hovered With Short Wings" / On The Cut'2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 26.10.2009

  1. Arctic Monkeys-"Dance Little Liar"/ Humbug'2009
  2. A Place to Bury Strangers-"In Your Heat"/ Exploading Head'2009
  3. A Place to Bury Strangers-"Lost Feeling"/ Exploading Head'2009
  4. Piano Magic- "The Nightmare Goes On" / Ovations'2009
  5. Piano Magic- "Blue Hour" / Ovations'2009
  6. The Beatles- "I'm The Walrus"/Magical Mystery Tour'1967
  7. The Flaming Lips-"The Sparrow Looks Up The Machine"/Embryonic'2009
  8. The Flaming Lips-"See The Leaves"/Embryonic'2009
  9. Mercury Rev-"Butterfly's Wing"/Snowflake Midnight'2008
  10. Mono-"Follow The Map" / Hymn To The Immortal Wind'2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 19.10.2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 12.10.2009

  1. Ian Brown-"Own Brain"/ My Way'2009
  2. Ian Brown-"In The Year 2525"/ My Way'2009
  3. White Stripes- "You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)" / De Stijl'2000
  4. Simon and Garfunkel- "Bookends" / 500 days Of Summer(soundtracks)'2009
  5. Dusty Springfield- "You Don't Have to say You Love Me" / The Boat That Rocket(Soundtracks)'2009
  6. Bill Fay- "Man"/Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow'2005
  7. Wilco-"Solitaire"/Wilco(The Album)'2009
  8. Robert Wyatt-"Blues in Bob Minor"/Shleep'1997
  9. Deradoorian-"Moon"/Mind Raft'2009-EP
  10. Espers-"Another Moon Song" / III'2009
  11. Helena Espvall+Masati Batoh-"Dead Letter"/ S/T'2008

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 05.10.2009

  1. The Beatles-"Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds"/ Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band'1967
  2. The Turtles-"She'd Rather Be With Me"/ Happy Together'1967
  3. Clues- "Approarch The Throne" / Clues'2009
  4. Autolux- "Turnstile Blues" / Future Perfect'2004
  5. Autolux- "Audience no:2" / Future Perfect'2004
  6. P.J.Harvey&John Parish- "Black Hearted Love"/A Woman A Man Walked by'2009
  7. Black Heart Procession-"Forget My Heart"/Six'2009
  8. Battle Of Mice-"Wrapped in Plain"/Day of Nights'2006
  9. Made Out of Babies+Battle Of Mice+Red Sparrow-"The Lamb and The Labradour"/live'2006
  10. Pere Ubu-"Blue Velvet" / Why I Hate Women'2006

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 28.09.2009

  1. Muse-"Resistance"/ The Resistance’2009
  2. Muse-"Undisclosed Desires"/ The Resistance’2009
  3. Muse- "United States of Eurasia " / The Resistance’2009
  4. Muse- "I Belong to You/Mon Coeur S'Ouvre a Ta Voix" / The Resistance’2009
  5. The Good, The Bad & The Queen-"Northern Whale" / The Good, The Bad & The Queen'2007
  6. Clinic- "The Bridge" / Walking with Thee'2002
  7. Yo La Tengo-"Stay Away From Heaven"/A Smattering of Outtakes and Rarities '2004
  8. Ui-"Spilling" / Life like'1998
  9. The Jesus Lizard-"Monkey Trick" / Show Live'1994
  10. The Kills– "Pull A U"/Keep On Your Mean Side'2003
  11. Grinderman-"Set Me Free(I Don't Need You To" / Grinderman'2007

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 21.09.2009

  1. Orhan Atasoy-"Yol Soranlar"
  2. Broadcast-"Papercuts"/ The Noise Made by People’2000
  3. Stereolab- "The Free Design" / Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night’1999
  4. Pram-"Superchouette" / Telemetric Melodies’1999
  5. Cabaret Voltaire-"Blue Heat" / Micro-Phonies’1984
  6. Joy Division- "I Remember Nothing" / Unknown Pleasures’1979
  7. The Berg Sans Nipple-"Ghost" Along the Quai’2007
  8. Notwist-"Consequence" / Neon Golden’2002
  9. Portishead-"Magic Doors" / Third’2008
  10. Buck 65 remix (Fea.Sufjan Stevens +Serengeti) – "Blood Pt.2"
  11. Exhaust-"Two Years On Welfare" / Exhaust’2000

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 14.09.2009

  1. Black Heart Procession- "Suicide" /Six'2009
  2. Black Heart Procession- "All My Steps" /Six'2009
  3. Black Heart Procession- "Rats" /Six'2009
  4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- "Chiristina The Astonishing" / Henry's Dream'1992
  5. Vic Chesnutt- "Coward" / At The Cut'2009
  6. Vic Chesnutt- "Philip Guston" / At The Cut'2009
  7. Vic Chesnutt- "Supernatural" Drunk'1993
  8. Bill Fay- "Strange Stairway" / Tomorrow,Tomorrow,Tomorrow'2004
  9. Bill Fay- "Goodnight Stan" / Tomorrow,Tomorrow,Tomorrow'2004
  10. Kronos Quarter/Clint Mansel-"Summer Overture" / Requem For A Dream(Soundtrack)'2000
  11. The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band-"Take These Hands and Throw Them in the River" / Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward'2001
  12. Hauschka-"Sweet Spring Come" / Room The Expend'2007

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 07.09.2009

  1. The Dead Weather- "No Hassle Night" /Horehound'2009
  2. Polvo- "Beggar's Bowl" / In Prism'2009
  3. Polvo- "City Birds" / In Prism'2009
  4. Polvo- "Vibracobra" / Cor-Crane Secret'1992
  5. Helium- "Vibrations" / The Magic City'1997
  6. Lawrence Ferlinghetti+Helium- "Dream: "On a Sunny Afternoon..."/Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness'1997
  7. Gong-"You Can't Kill Me"/Camembert Electrique'1971
  8. Can- "Come Sta, La Luna"/Soon Over Babaluma'1974
  9. Gong-"Mister Long Shanks: O Mother/I Am Your Fantasy"/Camembert Electrique'1971
  10. Wilco- "Everlasting" / The Album'2009
  11. Bill Fay- "The Sun is Bored" / Bill Fay'1971
  12. Bill Fay- "The Room" / Bill Fay'1971

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 31.08.2009

  1. Don Cavalli- "New Hollywood Babylon" /Cryland'2008
  2. The Jayhawks- "Real Light" / Tomorrow The Green Graas'1995
  3. Wilco- "One Wing" / The Album'2009
  4. Bob Dylan+Neil Young- "Helpless+Knocking On Dragon's Door" /1975 S.N.A.C.K. Benefit, San Francisco
  5. Red House Painters- "Dragon Flies" / Red House Painters I'1993
  6. Mark Kozelek-"Heron Blue" / Lost Verses Live'2009
  7. Sun Kill Moon-"Harper Road" / April'2008
  8. Múm-"Illuminated" / Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know'2009
  9. Arctic Monkeys-"Red Right Hand" / Humbug'2009
  10. Nick Cave- "Red Right Hand" / Let Love In'1994
  11. Willie Nelson- "Fly Me To The Moon" / American Classics'2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 24.08.2009

  1. Tim Buckley- "Sweet Surrender"
  2. The Seeds- "Try To Understand"
  3. Gossip- "Spare Me From the Mold"
  4. The Dead Weather- "New Pony"
  5. The Kills - "Cheap and Cheerful
  6. The Dead Weather-"3 Birds"
  7. Ramone Falls-"Melectric"
  8. Ramone Falls-"Russia"
  9. Ramone Falls-"Salt Sack"
  10. Menomena - "The Monkey's Back"
  11. Moby - "Shot in The Back Of The Head" ** http://www.moby.com/videos/wait-for-me/shot-back-head-video-david-lynch
  12. Moby - "JLTF"

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 17.08.2009

  1. Clues- "Approach the Throne"
  2. Bell Orchestre- "Salvatore Amato"
  3. The 90 Day Men- "We Blame Chicago"
  4. Singer- "Please, Tell the Justices We're Fine"
  5. Sparklehorse-"Dark Night Of The Soul"
  6. U2-"If You Wear That Velvet Dress"
  7. Six Organs of Admittance-"The River of Heaven"
  8. Isis- "20 Minutes 40 Years"

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 10.08.2009

ROLL 3/Ağustos-Eylül-Ekim sayısı izleği

  1. Barış Manço - "Sarı Çizmeli Mehmet Ağa" /Bahadır Akkuzu'nun anısına
  2. Duman- "Senin Marşın"/Duman I-II'2009
  3. Duman- "Elleri Ellerime"/Duman I-II'2009
  4. Bajar- "B'xatiré Te (Hoşçakal)" / Nézbe(Yaklaş)'2009
  5. Gayda İstanbul-"Çiçekçi"
  6. Nazan Öncel-"Çiçekçi Geldi"/Hatırına Sustum'2009
  7. Ebony Bones-"W.A.R.R.I.O.R."/Bone Of My Bones'2009
  8. Florence & The Machine- "Blinding" /Lungs'2009
  9. Jarvis Cocker-"Angela" /Further Complications'2009
  10. Zaza Fournier-"Mademaiselle"/Zaza Fournier'2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 03.08.2009

Harun İzer ile Leonard Cohen programı
  1. Leonard Cohen-"Dance Me to the End of Love" /Live in London'2009
  2. Leonard Cohen-"I'm Your Man" /Live Cohen (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
  3. Katie Melua-"In My Secret Life" 2007
  4. Elizabeth And The Catapult- "Everybody Knows" / Taller Children'2009
  5. Leonard Cohen-"Famous Blue Raincoat" / Songs of Love and Hate '1971
  6. Leonard Cohen-"Who By Fire" /Live in London'2009
  7. Leonard Cohen-"First We Take Manhattan" /Live in London'2009

*foto: Muhsin Akgün

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 27.07.2009

  1. Clues-"Cave Mouth"/Clues'2009
  2. Talking Heads- "Mommy,Daddy,You And I" /Naked'1988
  3. Roxy Music-"Virginia Plain"/Roxy Music'1972
  4. Dj Vadim- "From Russia With Love"/U.S.S.R.: Life from the Other Side'1999
  5. Ceza-"Açık Ara Bul Kon"/
  6. Lee "Scratch" Perry+Dub Syndicate- "Jungle"
  7. The Upsetters-"Tedious Dub"
  8. The Ruts-"Jar War"/The Crack'1979
  9. The Clash-"Dobber Dub"
  10. Leonard Cohen-"Boogie Street" /Live in London'2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 20.07.2009

ROLL 142/Temmuz sayısı izleği / Çiğdem Öztürk ile
  1. Michael Jackson-"Nirvana/Smells Like Teen Spirit mashed together Michael Jacksons/Billie Jean
  2. Joe Jackson- "Throw It Away"/Look Sharp!'1979
  3. NIN-"Capital G"/Year Zero'2007
  4. Aylin Aslım- "İçtim İçtim" / Canını Seven Kaçsın'2009
  5. Yinon Muellem-"İstanbul's Sunset (İstanbul'da Günbatımı)"
  6. Madness-"Night Boat to Cairo"/One Step Beyond...'1979
  7. Juliette Gréco-"La Féte Aux Copains"
  8. Gossip- "Dimestone Diamond" / Music For Men'2009
  9. İdil Üner-"Güneşim Benim"

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 13.07.2009

  1. Susheela Raman-"Maya"/Salt Rain'2001- Narada Rec.
  2. Joe Jackson- "Fools in Love" /Look Sharp!'1979- A&M Rec.
  3. Michael Jackson-"Dirty Diana"/ Bad'1987- Epic Rec.
  4. Max Tundra- "Mastered By Guy At The Exchange"2002 - Domino Rec.
  5. John Fahey-"Red Cross, Disciple of Christ Today"/Red Cross'2003 Revenant Rec.
  6. A Small Good Thing- "A small Good Thing" / A Small Good Thing'2002- The Leaf Label
  7. Calexico-"Writer's Minor Holiday"/Carried to Dust 2008- Quarterstick
  8. Giant Sand-"Spiral"/Provisions'2008- Yep o.
  9. Leonard Cohen-"Tonight Will Be Fine" /Songs from a Room'1969-Columbia Rec.
  10. Yeasayer- "Tightrope" / Dark Was The Night: Red Hot Compilation'2009 - 4AD
  11. John Frusciante-"Central" / The Empyrean'2009 - Record Collection
  12. Love - "August" / Four Sail'1969 - Elektra

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 06.07.2009

  1. Joe Jackson- "It's Different for Girls" /I'm the Man'1979- A&M Rec.
  2. Orange Juice-"Falling and Laughing"/You Can't Hide Your Love Forever'1982- Polydor Rec.
  3. Magnetic Fields-"I Thought You Were My Boyfriend"/ i'2004- Nonesuch Rec.
  4. The Good, the Bad & the Queen-"Behind the Sun"/The Good, the Bad & the Queen'2007 - Parlophone/Virgin/EMI
  5. Talk Talk-"Give It Up"/The Colour of 1986- EMI
  6. Peter Gabriel-"Shock the Monkey"/Security'1982- Geffen Rec.
  7. Talking Heads- "Gangster of Love" /Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand in the VaselineTalking Heads'1992- Sire Rec.
  8. Arto Lindsay- "Astronauts"/Subtle Body'1996- Rykodisc
  9. Robert Wyatt- "East Timor"/Old Rottenhat'1985- Promo
  10. P.I. L.- "Public Image Ltd." /Album/Compact Disc/Cassette'1985- Elektra Rec.
  11. Little Annie-"The Good Ship Nasty Queen" /Songs from the Coalmine Canary'2006- Durtro Jnana Rec.
  12. Leonard Cohen-"Love Calls You by Name" /The Essential Leonard Cohen [Limited Edition 3.0]'2008- Columbia/Legacy Rec.
  13. Leonard Cohen-"Sing Another Song, Boys" /Songs of Love and Hate'1971- Columbia Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 29.06.2009

  1. Michael Jackson-"Beat It"/Thriller'1982- Epic Rec.
  2. Michael Jackson-"Working Day and Night"/Off the Wall'1979- Epic Rec.
  3. The Dirty Projectors-"Stillness Is the Move"/Bitte Orca- Domino Rec.
  4. The Dirty Projectors-"The Bride"/Bitte Orca- Domino Rec.
  5. Animal Collective-"Summertime Clothes"/Merriweather Post Pavilion'2009- Domino Rec.
  6. The Dirty Projectors-"Two Doves"/Bitte Orca- Domino Rec.
  7. Joe Jackson- "One More Time " /Look Sharp!'1979- A&M Rec.
  8. The Decemberists- "The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid"/The Hazards of Love'2009- Rough Trade
  9. Bill Callahan- "Eid Ma Clack Shaw"/Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle'2009- Drag City Rec.
  10. Leonard Cohen- "I Tried to Leave You" /Live in London'2009(London's O2 Arena on July 17, 2008)- Columbia Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 22.06.2009

  1. Placebo-"Battle for the Sun"/Battle for the Sun'2009- Vagrant Rec.
  2. Pete Doherty-"Last of the English Roses"/Grace/Wastelands'2009- Parlophone Rec.
  3. Eyeless in Gaza-"No Perfect Stranger"/Rust Red September'1983- Cherry Red Rec.
  4. The Raw Herbs- "He Blows In" /The Second Time'1988 (12", Single)- Rooster Records
  5. Iggy Pop-"Spanish Coast"/Préliminaires'2009- Astralwerks Rec.
  6. The Who- "Baba O'Riley" /Who's Next'1971- MCA/Universal Rec.
  7. Zen- "Bakırköy Havası"/Bakırköy Akıl Hastanesinde'2002- Ada Muzik.
  8. Belle & Sebastian- "I'm Waking Up to Us"/Push Barman to Open Old Wounds'2005- Matador Rec.
  9. Stuart Murdoch- "Another Saturday" /Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.
  10. Marianne Faithfull- "Dear God Please Help Me" /Easy Come Easy Go'2008- Naive Rec.
  11. Susanna And The Magical Orchestra-"Hallelujah"(Leonard Cohen) /Mojo Present Cohen Covered'2008

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 15.06.2009

    Red Hot Organization 20. yılı derlemesi
  1. Eyeless in Gaza-"Priests"(Leonard Cohen) /Mojo Present Cohen Covered'2008

  2. Spoon- "Well-Alright" /Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  3. Dirty Projectors and David Byrne- "Knotty Pine" /Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  4. The Books featuring José González- "'Cello Song"(Nick Drake) /Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  5. Feist and Ben Gibbard- "Train Song" (Vashti Bunyan) /Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  6. Arcade Fire- "Lenin" /Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  7. Grizzly Bear- "Deep Blue Sea"/Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  8. Antony with Bryce Dessner- "I Was Young When I Left Home" (Bob Dylan)/Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  9. "The Decemberists- Sleepless" /Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  10. Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues- "Amazing Grace" /Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  11. Blonde Redhead & Devastations- "When the Road Runs Out"/Dark Was the Night'2009- 4AD Rec.

  12. Eyeless in Gaza-"Priests"(Leonard Cohen) /Mojo Present Cohen Covered'2008

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 08.06.2009

ROLL 141/Haziran sayısı izleği / Çiğdem Öztürk ile

  1. Joe Jackson-"Joe Jackson" /Rain'2008- Rykodisc

  2. Joe Jackson-"Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?" /Jumpin' Jive'1981- A&M Rec.

  3. Iggy Pop- "King of the Dogs" /Préliminaires'2009- Astralwerks Rec./EMI France

  4. The Dead Weather-"Hang You From the Heavens" /Horehound'2009 - Warner Bros.

  5. Calexico- "Inspiración" / Carried to Dust'2008-Quarterstick Rec.

  6. Mutlu Torun- "Ali Reis'in Takası" / Başkalaşımlar'2001- Kalan Müzik

  7. Bandista- "İlle de Rumba" / De Te Fabula Narratur'2009- oppa zupa zound system

  8. Proudpilot- "O.B.D." / Monsters Exist'2009- Peyote Müzik

Ahtapotun bahçesi 01.06.2009

  1. The Decemberists-"A Bower Scene" /The Hazards of Love'2009 - Rough Trade
  2. Fugazi- "No Surprise" /End Hits'1998 - Dischord Records
  3. John Frusciante- "Heaven" /The Empyrean'2009- Adrenaline Rec.
  4. The Decemberists-"The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid" /The Hazards of Love'2009 - Rough Trade
  5. PJ Harvey & John Parish- "Passionless, Pointless" / A Woman a Man Walked By'2009-Island Rec.
  6. Bob Dylan - "Life Is Hard" / Together Through Life'2009- Columbia Rec.
  7. Roy Harper & Jimmy Page- "Hangman" / Whatever Happened to Jugula'1985- Beggars Banque
  8. Roy Harper - "One Man Rock and Roll Band" / Stormcock'1971- Science Friction Rec.
  9. Leonard Cohen- "Chelsea Hotel #2" - New Skin for the Old Ceremony'1974- Columbia Rec.
  10. Roy Harper & Jimmy Page- "Elizabeth " / Whatever Happened to Jugula'1985- Beggars Banque

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 25.05.2009

  1. Trans Am-"Tesco v. Sainsbury's" /Sex Change'2007 - Thrill Jockey Rec.
  2. Tortoise- "Charteroak Foundation" /Beacons of Ancestorship'2009 - Thrill Jockey Rec.
  3. Proudpilot- "You Do, I Make" /Monsters Exist'2009- Peyote Müzik
  4. Iggy Pop- "She's a Business" / Préliminaires'2009- Astralwerks Rec.
  5. Iggy Pop- "A Machine for Loving" / Préliminaires'2009- Astralwerks Rec.
  6. The Stooges- "Loose" / Fun House'1970- Elektra Rec.
  7. Jarvis Cocker-"Pilchard" / Further Complications- Rough Trade
  8. Paul Weller- "Wild Wood"- Live Wood'1994- Go! Discs
  9. Leonard Cohen- "Waiting for the Miracle" - The Future'1992- Columbia Rec.
  10. Menomena- "Water"- Under an Hour'2006 - Filmguerrero Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 18.05.2009

  1. Sonic Youth- "What We Know" / The Eternal- Matador Rec.
  2. Sonic Youth- "Leaky Lifeboat (For Gregory Corso)" / The Eternal'2009- Matador Rec.
  3. Tortoise- "Prepare Your Coffin" /Beacons of Ancestorship'2009 - Thrill Jockey Rec.
  4. Tortoise- "The Fall of Seven Diamonds Plus One" /Beacons of Ancestorship'2009 - Thrill Jockey Rec.
  5. Menomena- "Wet and Rusting" / Friend and Foe'2007- Barsuk Rec+City Slang
  6. Menomena- "The Pelican" / Friend and Foe'2007- Barsuk Rec+City Slang
  7. Animal Collective- "Summertime Clothes" / Merriweather Post Pavilion'2009 - Domino Rec.
  8. PJ Harvey & John Parish- "The Chair"- A Woman a Man Walked By'2009- Island
  9. PJ Harvey & John Parish- "Leaving California"- A Woman a Man Walked By'2009- Island
  10. The Album Leaf- "Wherever I Go"- Into the Blue Again'2006 - Sub Pop
  11. Wooden Birds- "Believe In Love"- Magnolia'2009 - Barsuk Rec.
  12. Leonard Cohen- "Sisters Of Mercy"- Live in London'2009 (London's O2 Arena on July 17, 2008)- Columbia Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahcesi 11.05.2009

ROLL 140/Mayıs sayısı izleği

  1. Franz Ferdinand- "Send Him Away" / Tonight'2009- Domino Rec.
  2. Franz Ferdinand- "No You Girls" / Tonight'2009- Domino Rec.
  3. Depeche Mode - "Wrong" /Sounds of the Universe'2009, Capitol Rec.
  4. Pete Doherty- "1939 Returning" / Grace/Wastelands'2009- Parlophone Rec.
  5. Pete Doherty- "Sweet By and By" / Grace/Wastelands'2009- Parlophone Rec.
  6. Aşık İhsani- "Deha Deha"
  7. Olivia Ruiz- "Qui Sommes Nous?" / J'aime Pas l'Amour '2006 - Universal Rec.
  8. Bulutsuzluk Özlemi- "İstanblues"- Zamska'2009- Ada Müzik
  9. Bat for Lashes- "Daniel"- Two Suns'2009 - Astralwerks Rec.
  10. Bat for Lashes- "The Big Sleep"- Two Suns'2009 - Astralwerks Rec.

Ahtaputun Bahçesi 04.05.2009

  1. Wooden Shjips- "For So Long" / Dos'2009- Holy Mountain Rec.
  2. Tenebrous Liar- "One Last Time" / Tenebrous Liar's Last Stand'2008- Tenor Vossa Rec.
  3. Bonnie "Prince" Billy- "Strange Form of Life" /(7")Strange Form of Life'2007, Live in California, The Golden State - Domino Rec.
  4. Cheyenne Mize and Bonnie Prince Billy- "Loves Old Sweet Song" / "Among The Gold (10")- Karate Body Rec.
  5. Susanna and Bonny Billy sing- "(I'll Love You) Forever And Ever" / (7")- Weona Music
  6. Bonnie "Prince" Billy- "Sheep" / Ease Down the Road'2001 - Palace Rec.
  7. Bonnie "Prince" Billy- "So Everyone" / Lie Down In The Light '2008 - Domino Rec.
  8. Sir Richard Bishop- "Barbary"- The Freak of Araby'2009- Drag City Rec.
  9. Grails- "Predestination Blues"- Acid Rain'2009, (video/DVD)- Temporary Residence Rec.
  10. Leonard Cohen - "Partisan"- Songs from a Room'1969/ Columbia
  11. Current 93-"Aleph is The Butterfly Net" - Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain'2009/Coptic Cat

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 27.04.2009

Leonard Cohen 5-6 ağustos İstanbul'da
  1. Esbjörn Svensson Trio- (Hidden Track) / Good Morning Susie Soho'2000- Act Rec.
  2. U.S. Christmas- "In The Light of All Time"- Eat the Low Dogs'2008- Neurot
  3. Proudpilot- "Seeing is Believing"- Monsters Exist'2009- Peyote Music
  4. Proudpilot- "Gang Land"- Monsters Exist'2009- Peyote Music
  5. Zeni Geva- "10,000 Light Years" /10,000 Light Years'2001- Neurot
  6. Battle of Mice- "Sleep and Dream" / Day of Nights'2006 Neurot
  7. Earth- "An Inquest Concerning Teeth" / Hex: Or Printing in the Infernal Method'2005- Southern Lord
  8. Pan American- "In a Letter to H.G. Wells, 1932"- White Bird Release'2008- Kranky
  9. Leonard Cohen- "Who By Fire"- Live in London'2009 (London's O2 Arena on July 17, 2008)- Columbia Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 20.04.2009

  1. The Fall- "Married, 2 Kids" / Code: Selfish'1992- Fontana Rec.
  2. Alain Bashung- "Alcaline"- Novice'1989- Barclay Rec.
  3. Alain Bashung- "Je Me Dore"- L' Imprudence'2002- Universal Int. Rec.
  4. Alain Bashung- "Tel"- L' Imprudence'2002- Universal Int. Rec.
  5. John Martyn- "Thirsty Ear" / The Church with One Bell'1998- Thirsty Ear Rec.
  6. Nick Drake- "Way to Blue" / Five Leaves Left'1969- Hannibal Rec./Universal
  7. John Martyn- "Solid Air" / Solid Air'1973 (rec:1972)- Island Rec.
  8. Richard Thompson- "First Breath"- The Old Kit Bag'2003- Cooking Vinyl
  9. FairportConvention- "Fotheringay"- What We Did on Our Holidays'1969- Hannibal Rec.
  10. John Martyn- "The Sky Is Crying" / The Church with One Bell'1998- Thirsty Ear Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 13.04.2009

ROLL 139/Nisan. sayı izleği

  1. Pearl Jam- "Alive" / Ten'1991- Epic Associated Rec.
  2. Pearl Jam- "Even Flow" / Ten'1991- Epic Associated Rec.
  3. Neil Young- "When Worlds Collide" / Fork in the Road'2009- Reprise Rec.
  4. CSNY- "Déjà Vu" / Déjà Vu'1970-Atlantic Rec.
  5. Alain Bashung- "Résidents de La République"- Bleu Petrole'2008- Barclay Rec.
  6. Alain Bashung- "Le Tango Funébre"- Aux Suivant(s)- Barclay Rec.
  7. Jehan Barbur- "Gidersen"- Uyan'2009- Ada Müzik
  8. Neil Young- "Cough Up the Bucks" / Fork in the Road'2009- Reprise Rec.
  9. Post- "Boy Boy" - Noiseist Records
  10. John Martyn- "Dreams by the Sea" / Solid Air'1973- Island Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 06.04.2009

  1. Adam Payne- "Fruzstration" / Organ'2008- Holy Mountain Rec.
  2. John Frusciante- "Dark/Light" / The Empyrean'2009- Adrenaline Rec.
  3. Smog- "Ambition" / Supper'2003- Drag City Rec.
  4. Bill Callahan- "Eid Ma Clack Shaw" / Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle'2009-Drag City Rec.
  5. Morrissey- "Life Is a Pigsty"- Ringleader of the Tormentors'2005- Attack/Sanctuary Rec.
  6. Marianne Faithfull- "Dear God Please Help Me"- Easy Come Easy Go'2008- Naive Rec.
  7. Marianne Faithfull- "Children of Stone"- Easy Come Easy Go'2008- Naive Rec.
  8. Philip Glass/Leonard Cohen - "Prologue - I Can't Make The Hills"/ Book of Longing
    A Song Cycle based on the Poetry and Artwork of Leonard Cohen'2007- Orange Mountain Music

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 30.03.2009

  1. Luner Dunes- "Scatter" / From Above'2007- Ojah Media Group
  2. Brian Eno- "Baby's On Fire" / Here Come the Warm 1974- EG Rec.
  3. Can- "I'm So Green" / Ege Bamyası'1972- Spoon Rec.
  4. The Fingers- "Circus With A Female Clown" / Psychedelia at Abbey Road: 1965-1969'1969-EMI
  5. Manfred Mann- "5-4-3-2-1"- The Five Faces of Manfred Mann'1964- HMV Rec.
  6. Moğollar- "Elif"- Düm-Tek'1975- Coşkun Plak.
  7. Simon Dupree and The Big Sound- "Kites" / Single'1967- Parlophone Rec.
  8. Beatles- "Inner Light" / Rarities'1980- Capitol Rec.
  9. Fikret Kızılok- "Söyle Sazım" / Gün Ola Devran Döne(FK 68-71)'1999- Kalan Müzik
  10. Donovan- "Sunny South Kensington" / Mellow Yellow'1967- Epic Rec.
  11. Pink Floyd -"Atom Heart Mother: Father's Shout/Breast Milky/Mother Fore/Funky Dung" / Atom Heart Mother'1970 - Capitol Rec.
  12. Barış Manço- "Çoban Yıldızı" / Yeni Bir Gün'19 79- Yavuz ve Burç Plakçılık
  13. Moğollar- "Serçe (Sparrow)"- Düm-Tek'1975- Coşkun Plak.
  14. Luner Dunes - "People Make the World Go Round"/ From Above'2007- Ojah Media Group

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 23.03.2009

Bahçıvan Cüneyt Cebenoyan ile

  1. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - "Beware Your Only Friend" / Beware'2009- Drag City Rec.
  2. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - "I Am Goodbye" / Beware'2009- Drag City Rec.
  3. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - "There Is Something I Have To Say" / Beware'2009- Drag City Rec.
  4. Tenebrous Liar- "One Way Love" / Last Stand'2008 - TV Records Ltd
  5. Baby Dee- "Little Window"- The Robin's Tiny Throat'2007- Durtro/Jnana Rec.
  6. Baby Dee- "Calvary"- The Robin's Tiny Throat'2007- Durtro/Jnana Rec.
  7. John Frusciante- "Heaven" / The Empyrean'2009- Record Collection Rec.
  8. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - "So Everyone" / Lie Down in the Light'2008- Drag City Rec.
  9. Chris Eckman, Hugo Race and Chris Brokaw - "Wasted On"/ Dirt Music'2007- Glitterhouse Records
  10. Mirah- "The River"/ (a)spera'2009- K Records

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 16.03.2009

Açık Radyo Dinleyici Destek Özel Yayını dahilinde "radyo" şarkıları ve radyo muhabbeti /Hilmi Tezgör ile birlikte

  1. REM / Radio song
  2. Ramones / Do you remember rock'n roll radio
  3. Kraftwerk / Radio strs4. NOFX-Rancid / Radio
  4. Iron & Wine / Radio war
  5. The Buggles / Video killed the radio star
  6. Wilco / Radio cure
  7. Shellac / The end of the radio
  8. Kiss / Do you remember rock'n roll radio
  9. The Soviettes / The end of clear blue radio
  10. Amadou & Mariam / A radio
  11. Rush / The spirit of radio
  12. Graham Parker / There's nothing on the radio

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 09.03.2009

  1. Ui- "Back Up" - Answers'2003- Southern Rec.
  2. Einstuerzende Neubauten- "Total Eclipse of The Sun"/Total Eclipse of The Sun'1999- Mute Rec.
  3. These Immortal Souls- "These Immortal Souls" / Get Lost (Don't Lie!)'1987 - Mute Rec.
  4. Crime + City Solution - "The Bride Ship"- The Bride Ship'1989 - Mute Rec.
  5. Hugo Race - "Is Your Love Strong"/ The Goldstreet Session'2003- Glitter House Rec.
  6. Nick Castro- "Sun Song" / Further From Grace'2005- Strange Attractors Rec.
  7. Andersen- "Sun Song"/ Between Static and Fire'2003
  8. Lau Nau- "Lahtolaulu"/ Nukkuu'2008- Locust Records
  9. Gregory Samsa- "Abutting, Dismantling"/ Â Rest'2007- Kora Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 02.03.2009

Alçak Basınç/Harun İzer ile kollektif

  1. The Loft- "Why Does the Rain" - Once Around the Fair: The Loft 1982-1985'1989- Creation Rec.
  2. Half Man Half Biscuit- "All I Want for Christmas Is a Dukla Prague Away Kit"/ACD'1989- Probe Plus Rec.
  3. Raw Herbs- "He Blows In" / CD86 (compilation album)'2006 - Sancuary Rec.
  4. Ane Brun- "The Treehouse Song"- Sketches'2008 - Determine Rec.
  5. Frida Hyvönen- "Dirty Dancing"/ Silence Is Wild'2008 - Secretly Canadian Rec.
  6. Bryn Christopher - "Sour Times" [Portishead cover]/ My World'2008- Polydor Rec.
  7. Lily Allen- "Not Fear"/ It's Not Me, It's You'2009- EMI
  8. Bora Uzer- "Aramızda 1 Gerginlik mi Var"/ B1'2009- Doublemoon Records
  9. Thievery Corporation/David Byrne- "Heart's a Lonely Hunter [Louie Vega Mix]"/ Single- R2 Records
  10. Portecho- "Studio Plastico"/ Studio Plastico'2009- Elec-Trip Records

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 23.02.2009

  1. Thalia Zedek Band- "Begin To Exhume" Liars and Prayers'2008- Thrill Jockey Rec.
  2. Shannon Wright- "Everybody's Got Their Own Part to Play"/Let in the Light'2007- Quarterstick Rec.
  3. Ed Harcourt- "God Protect Your Soul"- Here Be Monsters'2001 - Heavenly Rec.
  4. Elizabeth Anka Vajagic- "The Sky Lay Still"- hotel2tango rec.'2003 - Constellation Rec.
  5. Tindersticks- "Say Goodbye To The City"/ 5 Ekim'2008 Glasgow Citty Hall Live Rec.
  6. Safe Home- "After The Shock"/ The Wide Wide World and All We Know'2006- Now Here Rec.
  7. King Me- "Wrong Wrong"/ Happy Happy'2006- Midfinger Records(Italy)
  8. Cyann & Ben- "A Dance With the Devil"/ Spring'2004- Gooom Records
  9. Bettie Serveert- "Kid's Allright"/ Palomine'1992- Matador Records
  10. Starry Smooth Hount- "Dreamt U In a Dream"/ Anakin'1998 (Compilation)- 4AD Records
  11. The Jóhann Jóhannsson - "The Sun's Gone Dim And The Sky's Turned Black"/ IBM 1401, A User's Manual'2006- 4AD Rec.

JUANA MOLINA / Un Día - Domino Records / ROLL 137 Şubat'2009

Arjantin’de 30 bin kişinin kaybedildiği 1976 ilâ 1983 yılları arasında ki askeri cunta döneminde Molina, siyasi göçmen bir ana-babanın kızı olarak ergenliğini Paris’te geçiriyor. Dolayısıyla 14 yaşında, Buenos Aires’i terk etmek zorunda kalan Molina, Paris’te yaşadığı yıllarda, benim ve muhtemelen kimi akranlarımın çocuk aklı ile en çok gitmek istediğimiz yer Arjantin’di. Oradaki cunta dönemi sürerken nasıl bir rastlantıdır bilinmez 1978-79 yılları arasında TRT televizyonunda yayınlanan çizgi filme ismini de veren, kahramanı Marco, çalışmaya giden ama izi kaybolan annesini bulmak için elinde Arjantin haritası omuzunda maymunu ile kaçak olarak İtalya/Cenova’dan bindiği gemi ile hüzünengiz bir maceraya koyulur. Konuya dönecek olursak; Juana Molina’yı 2002 tarihinde “Tres Cosas” albümü ile tanımamdan beri bu şuuraltı etki ile dinler oldum.

Molina, Buenos Aires’e döndüğünde 21’inde ve bir cebinde babadan gelme tango müzisyenliği ve müzik sevgisi, diğerinde ise anadan gelme aktrislik var. Bir küçük tv show’u deneyiminden sonra “Juana y sus Hermanas” adlı başka bir tv programı ünlü olmasına vesile oluyor. 36 yaşında elini diğer cebine atması ile 1996 yılında ilk albümü “Rara” yı çıkartıyor. Kendinden mülhem elektro/folk patikası da böylece zuhur etmeye başlıyor. İlk elden daha çok folk ve yerel müziği etkisi ile çiğnenmiş bu patikanın ilerleyen metrelerinde artık daha fazla elektronik dokunma, vokal ve söyleme denemelerine tanık oluyoruz.

Arjantin/Uruguay kesişmesinde yer alan Río de la Plata diyalektiyle (Rioplatense ispanyolca) yazıp, söylüyor. Zaman geçtikçe de kelimeleri daha bir parçalar ve hatta hecelere, seslere indirger hale geliyor, geldi. Yarın ne olur bilinmez.

Geçtiğimiz sonbaharda çıkan beşinci albümüne ismini de veren giriş parçası “Un Día” da bunun bir emâresi de var: “…bir gün sözsüz şarkılar söyleyeceğim / aşk, hayalkırıklığı, alelade bir şey veya Plato hakkındaysa da / herkes kendisi için tasavvur edebilecek …”

İkinci parça “Vive Solo” ile akustik gitar ve eşlikçisi muhtelif tahta ve gergi deri vurmalılar ile hipnotik sadanın içine düşüyorsunuz ki sonrasında gelen “Lo Dejamos” genizden gelen vokal ve daha çok zamba müziğe özgü vurmalı bombo legüero’nun bas sesleri ile halusinasyonunuz bir hale geliyor.

2004 yılında ölen Uruguaylı kadın şair ve yazar Marosa di Giorgio’ya şapka çıkaran “Los Hongos De Marosa” (Marosa’nın Mantarları), elektronik ile katman katman akustik sesler ve vokalin duhul etmesiyle girdaba dönüyor.

Bitkin, ateşli hâl içinde o uyku ile uyanıklık arası kimi sesler çoğalır çoğalır, sonra küçülür ya “Quien (Suite)” adeta o resim. Juana Harikalar Diyarı’nda diyelim, mesela. Sonrası sözcük oyunları, çözümsüz bilmeceler.

Dar (Que Dificil) en karanlık ve tedirgin edici parça. Juana’nın ağaç dibinde uyanmasıyla, masalın da sonu.

“Obama ile Bush arasında 5 derece açı var. Çemberin gerisi aynı. Obama şimdilik Bush’dan daha iyi görünüyor.” diyor yakın tarihli bir video röportajında, Molina. Öyle ya da böyle o sözkonusu 355 derece için çalıp söylüyorsa biz de O’nun şahane müziği ile yırtık çemberde salınabiliriz.GRACIAS.

Cem Sorguç

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 02.02.2009

  1. The Stooges- "Dirt" Fun House'1970- Elektra Rec.
  2. Television- "Torn Curtain"/Marquee Moon'77- Elektra Rec.
  3. Excepter- "Entrance 08"- Debt Dept.'2008 - Paw TracksRec.
  4. Excepter- "Shots Ring"- Debt Dept.'2008 - Paw TracksRec.
  5. The Octopus Project- "Music Is Happiness"/ One Ten Hundred Thousand Million'2004- Peek A Boo Rec.
  6. The Octopus Project- "Six Feet Up"/ One Ten Hundred Thousand Million'2004- Peek A Boo Rec.
  7. Tortoise- "The Taut And Tame"/ Millions Now Living Will Never Die' 1996- Thrill Jockey Rec.
  8. Xiu Xiu- "Boy Soprano"/ The Air Force'2006- 5 Rue Christine Records
  9. Xiu Xiu- "Bishop, CA"/ The Air Force'2006- 5 Rue Christine Records
  10. The Books - "An Animated Description of Mr. Maps"/ Lost and Safe'2005- Tomlab Records Rec.
  11. The Books - "Venice"/ Lost and Safe'2005- Tomlab Records Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 26.01.2009

  1. Air- "People in The City" 10,000 Hz Legend'2001 - Astralwerks Rec.
  2. Larkin Grimm- "They Were Wrong"/Parplar'2008- Young God Rec.
  3. Angels of Light- "The Kid Is Already Breaking"- The Angels of Light Sing Other People'2005 - Young God Rec.
  4. Akron/Family- "Gone Beyond"/ Meek Warrior'2006- Young God Rec.
  5. Fire On Fire- "Assanine Race"/ The Orchard'2008- Young God Rec.
  6. Thalia Zedek Band- "Lower Allston"/ Liars and Prayers'2008- Thrill Jockey Rec.
  7. Thalia Zedek Band- "Body Memory"/ Liars and Prayers'2008- Thrill Jockey Rec.
  8. Codeine- "Washed Up"/ The White Birch'1994- Sub Pop Records
  9. Slint- "Washer" / Spiderland'1991- Touch and Go Rec.
  10. June of 44 - "Cut Your Face"/ Four Great Points'1998- Quarterstick Records Rec.
  11. Thalia Zedek- "Manha de Carnaval" / Been Here and Gone'2001- Matador Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 19.01.2009

The Bug - "London Zoo" (Ninja Tune Rec.) 2008 tarihli albümü döndü.
1."Angry" 2."Murder We" 3."Skeng" 4."Too Much Pain" 5."Insane" 6."Jah War" 7."Fuckaz" 8."You & Me" 9."Freak Freak" 10."Warning" 11."Poison Dart" 12."Judgement"

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 12.01.2009

  1. Deerhunter- "Nothing Ever Happened" Microcastle'2008 - Kranky Rec.
  2. Animal Collective- "Summertime Clothes"/Merriweather Post Pavillion'2009- Domino Rec.
  3. Excepter- "Entrance 08"- Debt Dept.'2008 - Paw Tracks Rec.
  4. Grace Jones- "Hurricane"/ Hurricane'2008- Hostess Japan Rec.
  5. Juana Molina- "Dar (Qué Difícil)"/ Un Dia'2008- Domino Rec.
  6. Larkin Grimm- "Ride That Cyclone"/ Parplar'2008- Young God Rec.
  7. Josephine Foster- "The Lap of Your Lust"/ This Coming Gladness'2008- Boweavil Records
  8. Pink Floyd- "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" / A Saucerful of Secrets'1987- Capitol Rec.
  9. Ø - "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" / Oleva'2008- Clicks.Glitch Rec.
  10. Hauschka- "Morgenrot" / Ferndorf'2008- Fatcat Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 05.01.2009

Vertigo ve Ay Palas ile birlikte 2008 şarkıları:

  1. R.E.M. - Man-sized wreath /Accelerator
  2. Calexico - Inspiracion / Carried to Dust
  3. Lambchop - Sharing a Gibson with Martin Luther King, JR / Oh (Ohio)
  4. Jonathan Richman - No one was like Vermeer / Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild
  5. Arve Henriksen - Thermal / Cartography
  6. Replikas - Bitti deme / Zerre
  7. Kırıka - Kaba Saz / Kaba Saz
  8. Marc Ribot - Break on through / Party Intellectuals
  9. Melvins - Suicide in progress / Nude With Boots
  10. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Today's lesson / Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!!
  11. Beck - Walls / Modern Guilt
  12. Juana Molina - El Vestido / Un Dia
  13. Yasemin Mori - Arjantin / Hayvanlar
  14. The Bug - Skeng/ London Zoo
  15. Goldmund - In a Notebook / The Malady of Elegance
  16. Tricky - Past mistake / Knowle West Boy
  17. Grails - Clean living / Take Refuge in Clean Living
  18. Portishead - We Carry On / Third
  19. Spiritualized - Sitting on Fire / Songs in A & E
  20. Bohren und der Club of Gore - Karin / Dolores
  21. Susanna - Without You / Flower of Evil
  22. Evangelista - Truth is Dark Like Outer Space / Hello, Voyager
  23. Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker - Phantom on a Pedestal / Fantasma Parastasie
  24. Tindersticks - Yesterdays Tomorrows / The Hungry Saw
  25. Marianne Faithfull - Hold on Hold on / Easy Come Easy Go
  26. The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of the Understatement / The Age of the Understatement