Ahtapotun Bahçesi 24.11.2008

  1. John Foxx- "Metal Beat"/ Forth'2008 - Red Rec.
  2. Kraftwerk - "Spigelsaal" /Trans-Europe Express'1977- Kling Klang/Capitol Rec
  3. I Monster- "These Are Our Children"- Neveroddoreven'2004 - Dharma Rec.
  4. Cabaret Voltaire- "Crackdown"/ The Crackdown'1983 - Virgin Rec.
  5. Von Südenfed- "The Young the Faceless and the Codes"/ Tromatic Reflexxions'2007 - Domino Rec.
  6. The Octopus Project- "The Adjustor"/ One Ten Hundred Thousand Million'2004- Peek A Boo Rec.
  7. Christopher Bissonnette- "Provenance" / In Between Words'2008 - Kranky Rec.
  8. Exhaust- "Metro Mile End" / Exhaust'2000- Constellation Rec.
  9. Flying Lotus- "Golden Diva"/ Los Angeles'2008- Warp Rec.
  10. Flying Lotus- "Sleepy Dinosaur"/ Los Angeles'2008- Warp Rec.
  11. Ursula Rucker- "Black Erotica" / Ma'at Mama'2006- K7 rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 17.11.2008

  1. The Verve- "Columbo"/ Forth'2008 - Red Rec.
  2. Gravenhurst - "The Western Lands" /The Western Lands'2007 - Warp Rec
  3. Mercury Rev- "Dream of a Young Girl as a Flower"- Snowflake Midnight'2008 - V2 Rec.
  4. Stuart Staples- "Hey, Don't You Cry"/ Songs for the Young at Heart'2006 - V2 Rec.
  5. Mogwai- "I Love You, I'm Going to Blow Up Your School"/ The Hawk Is Howling'2008 - Matador Rec.
  6. The Black Heart Procession- "The Waiter #5"/ The Spell'2006- Touch and Go Rec.
  7. The Album Leaf- "Writings on the Wall" / Into the Blue Again'2006 - Universal Rec.
  8. Goldmund- "John Harrington" / The Malady of Elegance'2008- Type Rec.
  9. Hauschka- "Morgenrot"/ Ferndorf'2008- Fat Cat Rec.
  10. Carla Bozulich- "Evangelista, Pt. 2"- Evangelista'2006 -Southern Records Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçeci 10.11.2008

  1. Can- "Sing Swan Song"/ Ege Bamyasi'1972 - Mute Rec.
  2. Amon Düül II - "Surrounded by the Stars" /Wolf City'1972 - A&M Rec
  3. Morrissey- "America Is Not the World "- You Are the Quarry'2004 - Attack/Sanctuary Rec.
  4. Free Kitten- "Surf's Up"/ Inherit'2008 - Ecstatic Peace Rec.
  5. Helium- "Vibrations"/ Magic City'1997 - Matador Rec.
  6. Mary Timony- "The Mirror"/ The Golden Dove'2002- Matador Rec.
  7. Grails- "Black Sabbath"/ Everything Comes and Goes'2005 ( Sabbath tribute compilations) - Temporary Residence Rec.
  8. Esmerine- "Why She Swallows Bullets and Stones" / Aurora'2005- Ninja Tune Rec.
  9. Hrsta- "...and We Climb"/ Stem Stem in Electro'2005- Constellation Rec.
  10. Mono- "Black Rain"- Gone: A Collection of EP's 2000-2007 -Temporary Residence Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 03.11.2008

  1. Simon Dupree and the Big Sound - "Kites"/ Kites'1994 (kayıt tarihi: 1966). See for Miles Rec.
  2. Harry Nilsson- "One" /Aerial Ballet'1968 - RCA Rec
  3. Jill Kroesen- "I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here "- Stop Vicious Cycles'1982 - Lovely Music Rec.
  4. UT- "Sham Shack"/ UT'1984 (Vinyl, 12") Out Rec.
  5. Y Pants- "Favorite Sweater"/ Y Pants'1980 (Vinyl, 7") - Periodic Document Rec.
  6. Sonic Youth- "I Dreamed I Dream"/ Sonic Youth'1982 (EP) - Neutral Rec.
  7. Pere Ubu- "Stolen Cadillac"/ Why I Hate Women'2006- Smog Veil Rec.
  8. Melvins- "Civilized Worm" / A Senile Animal'2006- Ipecac Rec.
  9. Charalambides- "Hope Against Hope"/ A Vintage Burden'2006- Kranky Rec.
  10. The Durutti Column- "The Eye and the Hand"- The Fruit of the Original Sin'1981 (V.A.)- Crepuscule Rec.
  11. Stuart Murdoch- "Fiorences Sad Song"
  12. Soft Verdict - "Multiple 12"

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 27.10.2008

  1. M.I.A.- "Freedom Skit"/ Arular'2008. XL Rec.
  2. Frank Zappa- "Absolutely Free" /We're Only in It for the Money'1968- Rykodisc Rec.
  3. Devo- "Freedom of Choice"- Freedom of Choice'1980- Warner Bros. Rec.
  4. Neil Young- "Flags of Freedom"/ Living with War'2006- Reprise Rec.
  5. MC5- "I Want You Right Now"/ Kick Out the Jams'1969- Elektra Rec.
  6. King Crimson- "Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream"/ Thrak'1995- Virgin Rec.
  7. Lou Reed- "Egg Cream" / Set the Twilight Reeling'1996 - Warner Bros. Rec.
  8. Comets on Fire- "The Bee and the Cracking Egg"/ Blue Cathedral'2004- Sub Pop Rec.
  9. Six Organs of Admittance- "The Desert Is a Circle"- Sun Awakens'2006- Drag City Rec.
  10. The Doors- "Riders on the Storm"- L.A. Woman'1970 - Elektra Rec.