Ahtapotun Bahçesi 27.07.2009

  1. Clues-"Cave Mouth"/Clues'2009
  2. Talking Heads- "Mommy,Daddy,You And I" /Naked'1988
  3. Roxy Music-"Virginia Plain"/Roxy Music'1972
  4. Dj Vadim- "From Russia With Love"/U.S.S.R.: Life from the Other Side'1999
  5. Ceza-"Açık Ara Bul Kon"/
  6. Lee "Scratch" Perry+Dub Syndicate- "Jungle"
  7. The Upsetters-"Tedious Dub"
  8. The Ruts-"Jar War"/The Crack'1979
  9. The Clash-"Dobber Dub"
  10. Leonard Cohen-"Boogie Street" /Live in London'2009

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 20.07.2009

ROLL 142/Temmuz sayısı izleği / Çiğdem Öztürk ile
  1. Michael Jackson-"Nirvana/Smells Like Teen Spirit mashed together Michael Jacksons/Billie Jean
  2. Joe Jackson- "Throw It Away"/Look Sharp!'1979
  3. NIN-"Capital G"/Year Zero'2007
  4. Aylin Aslım- "İçtim İçtim" / Canını Seven Kaçsın'2009
  5. Yinon Muellem-"İstanbul's Sunset (İstanbul'da Günbatımı)"
  6. Madness-"Night Boat to Cairo"/One Step Beyond...'1979
  7. Juliette Gréco-"La Féte Aux Copains"
  8. Gossip- "Dimestone Diamond" / Music For Men'2009
  9. İdil Üner-"Güneşim Benim"

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 13.07.2009

  1. Susheela Raman-"Maya"/Salt Rain'2001- Narada Rec.
  2. Joe Jackson- "Fools in Love" /Look Sharp!'1979- A&M Rec.
  3. Michael Jackson-"Dirty Diana"/ Bad'1987- Epic Rec.
  4. Max Tundra- "Mastered By Guy At The Exchange"2002 - Domino Rec.
  5. John Fahey-"Red Cross, Disciple of Christ Today"/Red Cross'2003 Revenant Rec.
  6. A Small Good Thing- "A small Good Thing" / A Small Good Thing'2002- The Leaf Label
  7. Calexico-"Writer's Minor Holiday"/Carried to Dust 2008- Quarterstick
  8. Giant Sand-"Spiral"/Provisions'2008- Yep o.
  9. Leonard Cohen-"Tonight Will Be Fine" /Songs from a Room'1969-Columbia Rec.
  10. Yeasayer- "Tightrope" / Dark Was The Night: Red Hot Compilation'2009 - 4AD
  11. John Frusciante-"Central" / The Empyrean'2009 - Record Collection
  12. Love - "August" / Four Sail'1969 - Elektra

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 06.07.2009

  1. Joe Jackson- "It's Different for Girls" /I'm the Man'1979- A&M Rec.
  2. Orange Juice-"Falling and Laughing"/You Can't Hide Your Love Forever'1982- Polydor Rec.
  3. Magnetic Fields-"I Thought You Were My Boyfriend"/ i'2004- Nonesuch Rec.
  4. The Good, the Bad & the Queen-"Behind the Sun"/The Good, the Bad & the Queen'2007 - Parlophone/Virgin/EMI
  5. Talk Talk-"Give It Up"/The Colour of 1986- EMI
  6. Peter Gabriel-"Shock the Monkey"/Security'1982- Geffen Rec.
  7. Talking Heads- "Gangster of Love" /Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand in the VaselineTalking Heads'1992- Sire Rec.
  8. Arto Lindsay- "Astronauts"/Subtle Body'1996- Rykodisc
  9. Robert Wyatt- "East Timor"/Old Rottenhat'1985- Promo
  10. P.I. L.- "Public Image Ltd." /Album/Compact Disc/Cassette'1985- Elektra Rec.
  11. Little Annie-"The Good Ship Nasty Queen" /Songs from the Coalmine Canary'2006- Durtro Jnana Rec.
  12. Leonard Cohen-"Love Calls You by Name" /The Essential Leonard Cohen [Limited Edition 3.0]'2008- Columbia/Legacy Rec.
  13. Leonard Cohen-"Sing Another Song, Boys" /Songs of Love and Hate'1971- Columbia Rec.

Ahtapotun Bahçesi 29.06.2009

  1. Michael Jackson-"Beat It"/Thriller'1982- Epic Rec.
  2. Michael Jackson-"Working Day and Night"/Off the Wall'1979- Epic Rec.
  3. The Dirty Projectors-"Stillness Is the Move"/Bitte Orca- Domino Rec.
  4. The Dirty Projectors-"The Bride"/Bitte Orca- Domino Rec.
  5. Animal Collective-"Summertime Clothes"/Merriweather Post Pavilion'2009- Domino Rec.
  6. The Dirty Projectors-"Two Doves"/Bitte Orca- Domino Rec.
  7. Joe Jackson- "One More Time " /Look Sharp!'1979- A&M Rec.
  8. The Decemberists- "The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid"/The Hazards of Love'2009- Rough Trade
  9. Bill Callahan- "Eid Ma Clack Shaw"/Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle'2009- Drag City Rec.
  10. Leonard Cohen- "I Tried to Leave You" /Live in London'2009(London's O2 Arena on July 17, 2008)- Columbia Rec.