Ahtapotun Bahçesi 29.09.2008

1976...1989 arası punk,garaj, post-punk/new wave, exp/psyhedelic punk ile BAYRAM

  1. The Modern Lovers- "Pablo Picasso"/ The Modern Lovers'1976. Castle Music.
  2. Kleenex- "Heidi's Head" /(Org: 7"-1977) // Liliput-Complete Recordings. Kill Rock Stars
  3. The Rezillos- "I Can't Stand My Baby"/ (Org: 7"-1978)
  4. Adam And the Ants- "Zerox"/ (Org: 7".Do It-1979)
  5. Soft Boys- "I Wanna Destroy You"/ (Org: 7".Do It-1980)
  6. Boyd Rice- "Track 1, Side 1" / Boyd Rice'1981. Mute Rec.
  7. The Blue Orchids- "Work"/ 1981. The Greatest Hit'1982. Rough Trade Rec.
  8. Africa Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force- "Planet Rock"- (Org: 12"-1982)
  9. Mighty Mighty- "Night After Night" /(Org: 12".One Way-1987)
  10. Bongwater- "His old Look" / Double Bummer'1988. Shimmy Disc Music.
  11. Lard- "The Power Of Lard"/(Org: 12"-1988)
  12. Pixies- "Here Comes Your Man"/Doolittle'1989. 4AD/Elektra