Ahtapotun Bahçesi 26.01.2009

  1. Air- "People in The City" 10,000 Hz Legend'2001 - Astralwerks Rec.
  2. Larkin Grimm- "They Were Wrong"/Parplar'2008- Young God Rec.
  3. Angels of Light- "The Kid Is Already Breaking"- The Angels of Light Sing Other People'2005 - Young God Rec.
  4. Akron/Family- "Gone Beyond"/ Meek Warrior'2006- Young God Rec.
  5. Fire On Fire- "Assanine Race"/ The Orchard'2008- Young God Rec.
  6. Thalia Zedek Band- "Lower Allston"/ Liars and Prayers'2008- Thrill Jockey Rec.
  7. Thalia Zedek Band- "Body Memory"/ Liars and Prayers'2008- Thrill Jockey Rec.
  8. Codeine- "Washed Up"/ The White Birch'1994- Sub Pop Records
  9. Slint- "Washer" / Spiderland'1991- Touch and Go Rec.
  10. June of 44 - "Cut Your Face"/ Four Great Points'1998- Quarterstick Records Rec.
  11. Thalia Zedek- "Manha de Carnaval" / Been Here and Gone'2001- Matador Rec.