Ahtapotun Bahçesi 09.03.2009

  1. Ui- "Back Up" - Answers'2003- Southern Rec.
  2. Einstuerzende Neubauten- "Total Eclipse of The Sun"/Total Eclipse of The Sun'1999- Mute Rec.
  3. These Immortal Souls- "These Immortal Souls" / Get Lost (Don't Lie!)'1987 - Mute Rec.
  4. Crime + City Solution - "The Bride Ship"- The Bride Ship'1989 - Mute Rec.
  5. Hugo Race - "Is Your Love Strong"/ The Goldstreet Session'2003- Glitter House Rec.
  6. Nick Castro- "Sun Song" / Further From Grace'2005- Strange Attractors Rec.
  7. Andersen- "Sun Song"/ Between Static and Fire'2003
  8. Lau Nau- "Lahtolaulu"/ Nukkuu'2008- Locust Records
  9. Gregory Samsa- "Abutting, Dismantling"/ Â Rest'2007- Kora Rec.