Ahtapotun Bahçesi 27.07.2009

  1. Clues-"Cave Mouth"/Clues'2009
  2. Talking Heads- "Mommy,Daddy,You And I" /Naked'1988
  3. Roxy Music-"Virginia Plain"/Roxy Music'1972
  4. Dj Vadim- "From Russia With Love"/U.S.S.R.: Life from the Other Side'1999
  5. Ceza-"Açık Ara Bul Kon"/
  6. Lee "Scratch" Perry+Dub Syndicate- "Jungle"
  7. The Upsetters-"Tedious Dub"
  8. The Ruts-"Jar War"/The Crack'1979
  9. The Clash-"Dobber Dub"
  10. Leonard Cohen-"Boogie Street" /Live in London'2009