Ahtapotun Bahçesi 05.10.2009

  1. The Beatles-"Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds"/ Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band'1967
  2. The Turtles-"She'd Rather Be With Me"/ Happy Together'1967
  3. Clues- "Approarch The Throne" / Clues'2009
  4. Autolux- "Turnstile Blues" / Future Perfect'2004
  5. Autolux- "Audience no:2" / Future Perfect'2004
  6. P.J.Harvey&John Parish- "Black Hearted Love"/A Woman A Man Walked by'2009
  7. Black Heart Procession-"Forget My Heart"/Six'2009
  8. Battle Of Mice-"Wrapped in Plain"/Day of Nights'2006
  9. Made Out of Babies+Battle Of Mice+Red Sparrow-"The Lamb and The Labradour"/live'2006
  10. Pere Ubu-"Blue Velvet" / Why I Hate Women'2006