AhtapotunBahçesi 21.12.2009

  1. Nirvana-"All Apologies"/ Live At Reading'2009
  2. A Place To Burry Strangers-"Ego Death" / Exploding Head'2009
  3. The Flaming Lips-"Convinced of The Hex" / Embryonic'2009
  4. John Frusciante-"Before The Beginning" / The Empyrean'2009
  5. The Durutti Column- "The Secret Between The Blade And Me"/Love In The Tıme Of Decession'2009
  6. Bill Callahan-"The Wind And The Dove/ Sometimes I Wish We Were In Eagle'2009
  7. Vic Chesnutt-"Chineberry Tree" / At The Cut'2009
  8. Vic Chesnutt- "Feast In The Time Of Plague" / Skitter On Take Off'2009
  9. David Sylvian-"Random Acts of Senseless Violence" /Manafon'2009
  10. Mulatu Astatke and His Ethopian Quintet-"Mascaram Setaba"/ Afro-Latin Soul'1966