Ahtapotun Bahçesi 01.12.2008

  1. Nina Simone- "Sinner Man"/ Pastel Blues'1965 - Mercury Rec.
  2. Brian Eno- "Third Uncle"(26.08.1976 Reading Festival/live) /Floating In Sequence' 1979- Excitable Recordworks
  3. Bauhaus- "Third Uncle"- Ziggy Stardust '1982 - Beggar's Banquet Rec.
  4. Jack- "...Of Light"/ Pioneer Soundtracks'1996 - Too Pure Rec.
  5. Tindersticks- "Tiny Tears"/ Donkeys 92-97'1998 - London Rec.
  6. The Divine Comedy- "Timewatching"/ A Short Album About Love'1997- Setanta UK Rec.
  7. Scott Walker- "A Lover Loves" / The Drift'2006- 4AD Rec.
  8. Bonnie "Prince" Billy- "I've Seen It All" / Ask Forgiveness'2007- DragCity Rec.
  9. Elliott Smith- "I Didn't Understand"/ XO'1998- DreamWorks Records
  10. Vincent Gallo- "Lonely Boy"/ Recordings Of Music For Film'2002- Warp Rec.