Ahtapotun Bahçesi 24.11.2008

  1. John Foxx- "Metal Beat"/ Forth'2008 - Red Rec.
  2. Kraftwerk - "Spigelsaal" /Trans-Europe Express'1977- Kling Klang/Capitol Rec
  3. I Monster- "These Are Our Children"- Neveroddoreven'2004 - Dharma Rec.
  4. Cabaret Voltaire- "Crackdown"/ The Crackdown'1983 - Virgin Rec.
  5. Von Südenfed- "The Young the Faceless and the Codes"/ Tromatic Reflexxions'2007 - Domino Rec.
  6. The Octopus Project- "The Adjustor"/ One Ten Hundred Thousand Million'2004- Peek A Boo Rec.
  7. Christopher Bissonnette- "Provenance" / In Between Words'2008 - Kranky Rec.
  8. Exhaust- "Metro Mile End" / Exhaust'2000- Constellation Rec.
  9. Flying Lotus- "Golden Diva"/ Los Angeles'2008- Warp Rec.
  10. Flying Lotus- "Sleepy Dinosaur"/ Los Angeles'2008- Warp Rec.
  11. Ursula Rucker- "Black Erotica" / Ma'at Mama'2006- K7 rec.