Ahtapotun Bahçesi 23.02.2009

  1. Thalia Zedek Band- "Begin To Exhume" Liars and Prayers'2008- Thrill Jockey Rec.
  2. Shannon Wright- "Everybody's Got Their Own Part to Play"/Let in the Light'2007- Quarterstick Rec.
  3. Ed Harcourt- "God Protect Your Soul"- Here Be Monsters'2001 - Heavenly Rec.
  4. Elizabeth Anka Vajagic- "The Sky Lay Still"- hotel2tango rec.'2003 - Constellation Rec.
  5. Tindersticks- "Say Goodbye To The City"/ 5 Ekim'2008 Glasgow Citty Hall Live Rec.
  6. Safe Home- "After The Shock"/ The Wide Wide World and All We Know'2006- Now Here Rec.
  7. King Me- "Wrong Wrong"/ Happy Happy'2006- Midfinger Records(Italy)
  8. Cyann & Ben- "A Dance With the Devil"/ Spring'2004- Gooom Records
  9. Bettie Serveert- "Kid's Allright"/ Palomine'1992- Matador Records
  10. Starry Smooth Hount- "Dreamt U In a Dream"/ Anakin'1998 (Compilation)- 4AD Records
  11. The Jóhann Jóhannsson - "The Sun's Gone Dim And The Sky's Turned Black"/ IBM 1401, A User's Manual'2006- 4AD Rec.