Ahtapotun Bahçesi 09.11.2009

  1. Russian Circles-"Geneva"/ Geneva'2009
  2. Caspian-"La Cerva"/ Tertia'2009
  3. Isis-"Stone To Wake A Serpent"/ Wavering Radiant'2009
  4. Om- "Meditation is The Practice of Death" / God Is Good'2009
  5. Rome- "The Accidents Of Gesture" / Flowers From Exile'2009
  6. Rome- "The Secret Sons Of Europa" / Flowers From Exile'2009
  7. Morphine-"Yes" [3.8.1994-Cleveland] /At The Service'2009
  8. Morphine-"I Had My Chance" [7.18.1998-Vegas] /At The Service'2009
  9. Cure-"The Hanging Garden" / Pornography'1982
  10. The Beatles- "The End"/Abbey Road'1969