Ahtapotun Bahçesi 23.11.2009

  1. June Of 44-"Lifted Bells"/ Four Great Points'1998
  2. Nina Nastasia/Jim White-"I've Been out Walking"/ You Follow Me'2007
  3. Tara Jane O'Neil - "A Sparrow Song" / In Circles'2006
  4. Thurston Moore- "Silver>Blue" / Trees Outside the Academy'2007
  5. Espers-"The Road Of Golden Dust" / III'2009
  6. Sibyle Baier- "I Lost Something In The Hills"/Color Green'2006
  7. Bonnie Prince Billy/DAAU/Christine Ott -"Ostia" / This Immortal Coil'2009
  8. Vic Chesnutt-"It Is What It Is" / At The Cut'2009
  9. Mark Hollis-"Inside Looking Out/ Mark Hollis'1998
  10. Davis Slyvian -"The Rabbit Skinner" /Manafon'2009