Ahtapotun Bahçeci 10.11.2008

  1. Can- "Sing Swan Song"/ Ege Bamyasi'1972 - Mute Rec.
  2. Amon Düül II - "Surrounded by the Stars" /Wolf City'1972 - A&M Rec
  3. Morrissey- "America Is Not the World "- You Are the Quarry'2004 - Attack/Sanctuary Rec.
  4. Free Kitten- "Surf's Up"/ Inherit'2008 - Ecstatic Peace Rec.
  5. Helium- "Vibrations"/ Magic City'1997 - Matador Rec.
  6. Mary Timony- "The Mirror"/ The Golden Dove'2002- Matador Rec.
  7. Grails- "Black Sabbath"/ Everything Comes and Goes'2005 ( Sabbath tribute compilations) - Temporary Residence Rec.
  8. Esmerine- "Why She Swallows Bullets and Stones" / Aurora'2005- Ninja Tune Rec.
  9. Hrsta- "...and We Climb"/ Stem Stem in Electro'2005- Constellation Rec.
  10. Mono- "Black Rain"- Gone: A Collection of EP's 2000-2007 -Temporary Residence Rec.