Ahtapotun Bahçesi 27.10.2008

  1. M.I.A.- "Freedom Skit"/ Arular'2008. XL Rec.
  2. Frank Zappa- "Absolutely Free" /We're Only in It for the Money'1968- Rykodisc Rec.
  3. Devo- "Freedom of Choice"- Freedom of Choice'1980- Warner Bros. Rec.
  4. Neil Young- "Flags of Freedom"/ Living with War'2006- Reprise Rec.
  5. MC5- "I Want You Right Now"/ Kick Out the Jams'1969- Elektra Rec.
  6. King Crimson- "Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream"/ Thrak'1995- Virgin Rec.
  7. Lou Reed- "Egg Cream" / Set the Twilight Reeling'1996 - Warner Bros. Rec.
  8. Comets on Fire- "The Bee and the Cracking Egg"/ Blue Cathedral'2004- Sub Pop Rec.
  9. Six Organs of Admittance- "The Desert Is a Circle"- Sun Awakens'2006- Drag City Rec.
  10. The Doors- "Riders on the Storm"- L.A. Woman'1970 - Elektra Rec.