Ahtapotun Bahçesi 03.11.2008

  1. Simon Dupree and the Big Sound - "Kites"/ Kites'1994 (kayıt tarihi: 1966). See for Miles Rec.
  2. Harry Nilsson- "One" /Aerial Ballet'1968 - RCA Rec
  3. Jill Kroesen- "I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here "- Stop Vicious Cycles'1982 - Lovely Music Rec.
  4. UT- "Sham Shack"/ UT'1984 (Vinyl, 12") Out Rec.
  5. Y Pants- "Favorite Sweater"/ Y Pants'1980 (Vinyl, 7") - Periodic Document Rec.
  6. Sonic Youth- "I Dreamed I Dream"/ Sonic Youth'1982 (EP) - Neutral Rec.
  7. Pere Ubu- "Stolen Cadillac"/ Why I Hate Women'2006- Smog Veil Rec.
  8. Melvins- "Civilized Worm" / A Senile Animal'2006- Ipecac Rec.
  9. Charalambides- "Hope Against Hope"/ A Vintage Burden'2006- Kranky Rec.
  10. The Durutti Column- "The Eye and the Hand"- The Fruit of the Original Sin'1981 (V.A.)- Crepuscule Rec.
  11. Stuart Murdoch- "Fiorences Sad Song"
  12. Soft Verdict - "Multiple 12"